10 Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

The holidays are upon us and all the feasting and snacking that comes with them. Dr. Young believes in enjoying delicious treats in moderation, but be sure to balance them out by incorporating the good stuff into the rest of your diet.  

Top 10 Foods Your Dentist in Centennial, Colorado Recommends:centennial dentist recommends xylitol gum

  1. Water – Drink plenty to stay hydrated and rinse your teeth clean throughout the day.
  2. Apples – High in fiber and water, which prevent them from sticking to your teeth.
  3. Carrots – Carrots provide great stimulation to your gum tissues and are loaded with nutrients.
  4. Nuts – Nutrients and amino acids found in nuts are essential for battling gum disease.
  5. Cheese – Rich in calcium and phosphorus to encourage healthy saliva flow.
  6. Whole grains – High in fiber and low in sugar, whole grain products keep teeth cleaner than those without.Xylitol – This common sugar substitute, often found in special gum and candy, can actually help you battle cavity-causing bacteria.
  7. Milk – Milk contains essential minerals for strong bones, teeth, and is healthier than sweetened drinks.
  8. Strawberries – These berries are high in vitamin C, which aids in healing of the gum tissues.
  9. Sugar-free chewing gum – Chewing gum without sugar increases saliva, which helps cleanse the teeth of bacteria. Choose one that contains Xylitol!

The Top 10 Foods You Should Avoid:dentist in centennial encourages clients to avoid juice

  1. Soda – Carbonation, phosphoric acid, and sugars are a deadly triple-threat to teeth! Even if it’s “diet.”
  2. Juice – Sounds healthy if it comes from fruit, but it can be shockingly high in sugar.
  3. Sports drinks – These popular after-soccer-practice drinks can be worse on your teeth than soda.
  4. Sticky carbohydrates – Processed breads, cakes, and muffins contain unhealthy sugars that linger on the teeth long after you eat.
  5. Gummies – Popular with kids, but bad news for braces!
  6. Lollipops – Sucking on a piece of sugar for minutes or hours means a prolonged exposure time to acidic sugars.
  7. Potato chips – Soft carbohydrates get left on teeth and gums after eating, creating plaque.
  8. Bananas – A sweet, soft, dry fruit that can coat your teeth and tongue with sugar, which stays put.
  9. Raisins – Sugary, gummy, and sticky, raisins are not always the best after-school snack.
  10. That peppermint mocha – Sweetened coffee can expose your teeth to constant sugar attacks if you sip it frequently throughout the day.

If you suspect that you or your child has been enjoying a few too many “unhealthy” foods – call Young Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Centennial to have your smile checked out ASAP.

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