10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Their Children’s Teeth

Are you looking for a new family or pediatric dentist in Centennial? Here are 10 things that every parent should know when it comes to a healthy smile for your son or daughter:

  1. If a parent has a missing tooth that was developed, there’s a chance your child will as well. Routine x-rays can identify missing teeth years before they’re set to erupt!
  1. 10 Things a Pediatric Dentist in Centennial, CO Will Want You to KnowFluoridated toothpaste should only be used when a child is able to rinse and spit well on their own. Until then, using training toothpaste or even tap water is adequate.
  1. The permanent molars are very susceptible to cavities due to the deep grooves in their chewing surfaces. Placing sealants on these teeth as they erupt can prevent decay. Most molars come in around ages 6 and 12.
  1. Did you know that adult teeth are naturally more “yellow” in color than baby teeth? This is completely normal, but something a lot of people notice. Once your child has all of their adult teeth in, their smile will look more uniform in appearance.
  1. To help your child brush the right amount of time, your pediatric dentist in Centennial, CO may recommend having a radio nearby and asking your child to brush for the entire length of their favorite song.
  1. Younger children usually do best when their dental appointments are scheduled early in the morning. They’re well rested and not cranky if it’s closer to nap time.
  1. Apples, carrots, and popcorn are all great snacks that strengthen tooth enamel and are good for a balanced diet. Crunchy, fibrous foods help keep teeth healthy.
  1. Laughing gas is great for all ages; even children! Fruit scented nose pieces are a wonderful distraction and help keep your child calm during their treatment in a Centennial, CO pediatric dentist office.
  1. Encouraging independence is great for your kids, but if they’re not able to tie their shoes yet continue to help them brush their teeth at least once each day.
  1. Water is the healthiest drink for a growing child. Not only does it cleanse their teeth, it provides necessary fluoride to help enamel develop properly. Tap water is always best!

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