Experienced Dentist Suggests Sedation for those Facing Dental Fear

Dental fear or dental anxiety is fairly common. Colgate estimates that around 9% to 15% of the American population is afraid of seeing a dentist due to some degree of phobia. This figure is actually very troubling because most people who have dental anxiety usually waits until the problem gets worse before they make an appointment with their dentist. Some people even go as far as doing DIY dentistry, using common household equipment and materials.

pediatric dentist

Most of these people may have developed dental fears due to a traumatic childhood experience with a dentist. It could have been a tooth extraction that went wrong, or even just a scary dentist who didn’t take their feelings into account. It is, in fact, very common for kids to be scared of the dentist, and some grow up associating dentists with pain, therefore avoiding them at all costs as adults.

In order to avoid this scenario, parents should consider bringing their children to a friendly pediatric dentist. The difference is that these dentists are specially trained to work with children. Some pediatric dentists even decorate their clinics with colorful images that children may enjoy. If the child is still afraid, they can use the appropriate sedation techniques in order to ensure the child’s comfort. It is so important that kids grow comfortable with their dentists early on or they might grow up avoiding care and jeopardizing their oral health.

Part of the fear that some patients have towards dentistry is due to the use of needles and other foreign objects. If this is the case, they should ask their personal dentist from Centennial, CO about sedation dentistry. The strength of the sedation drugs can vary depending on the needs of the patient. Some patients prefer to stay awake, while others are more comfortable being completely asleep. The proper sedation technique will allow the dentist to work on the patient’s teeth, without panicking them.

Proper dental care and check-ups are very important for everyone. Disregarding even the smallest problems will eventually result in an even worse problem. Patients with dental fears can always ask for sedation dentistry if they are too afraid.


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