How Veneers Can Easily Give You the Smile of Your Dreams

There’s possibly nothing worse than feeling embarrassed about the way you look. With all of the time we put into our hairstyles and clothing, it’s even worse when there’s something we can’t change on our own – like the way our teeth look.  UFc83CdM16Kg1okUSmNqjfhuWVBEogRX5bOCdcONtLEBut what if you could drastically transform your crooked, chipped, discolored, or gapped teeth into an accessory that you couldn’t wait to show off every day?
It’s not a dream anymore…it’s a reality, thanks to custom dental veneers.
It’s Easy as 1, 2, 3
After a consultation with our Cosmetic dentist in Centennial, CO, you can design a new smile that’s exactly what you want it to be: straighter, whiter, and flawless.  There’s no need to spend time in braces or wearing whitening trays every day – dental veneers literally change everything about the way your teeth look in as few as two or three visits to our Centennial cosmetic dentist office.
First:   You’ll get a chance to tell Dr. Young everything you don’t like about your smile.  What is it you want to change?  Let us know every detail, because your new veneers will take those features and do a complete 180-degree turn.
Second:   We’ll take an impression of your teeth, and create a model of what your smile could look like.  You’ll even get to pick the shape and color if you want!  We’ll suggest shades, hues, and tooth sizes that look natural but are aesthetically pleasing to your appearance.  No bleaching required!
Third:   Schedule a prep visit for us to get your teeth ready for the veneers, take a new impression, and we’ll send it to our lab.  After we put some temporary veneers on your teeth, you’ll come back in about two weeks for Dr. Young to bond the new ones permanently in place!
That’s it – as soon as you look in the mirror, you’ll have the smile that used to only be a dream.  Make your new smile a reality.  Call our cosmetic dentist in Centennial, CO today!

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