Implant supported Dentures: What are They?

Centennial, CO dental implant denturesNot Your Grandpa’s Dentures!

If you’ve ever worried about losing your teeth and having to wear dentures – you’re in luck. Modern denture options have dramatically evolved from what they’ve been like for generations. Now, instead of wearing a large removable prosthesis, you have another option: an implant retained denture.

What is it?

Implant retained dentures come in a few different styles. But in general, they are anchored on top of dental implants.

With implants, your denture is stabilized and secured in place all day long. It may be that the denture is still removable, popping in and out over a bar that is an extension of the implant roots. Or, the denture could be permanently fixed on top of the implants so that it never comes out of place whatsoever.

Benefits of an Implant Denture

The design of implant supported dentures is usually much slimmer and contoured compared to conventional dentures. They have a “U” shape that strictly follows the angle of your jaw. You don’t have to worry about a bulky plate extending over the top of your mouth, which could interfere with your speech patterns or even the taste of your food.

Our patients with fixed dentures (sometimes called an “All on 4” denture) enjoy them because they can:

  • Eat whatever they like, without the dentures rocking in place
  • Smile with greater confidence
  • Have a prosthesis that feels as close to natural teeth as possible
  • Strengthen the bone throughout their jaw
  • Avoid having to wear a removable appliance

Are You a Candidate?

The first step to finding out if an anchored denture is right for you, is to schedule a consultation with a dental implant provider, or a Centennial dentist like Dr. Young who frequently restores implants. We’ll be happy to discuss which options are available for your particular bite and facial profile.

If you’re looking for dental implants in Centennial, Young Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is here to help! Our patients can get the honest answers and advice they need to choose which type of tooth replacement is best for their smile. Call our office today to learn more about dentures in Centennial!

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