Signs That Your Child Needs a Dental Crown

Signs Child Needs Dental Crown

There’s no worse feeling than when your little one comes crying to you in pain.

You may feel especially helpless if they are suffering from a toothache.

Does your baby have a cavity, loose tooth, or an abscess?

Do they need a filling or dental crown? It’s hard to know exactly what to do.

Thankfully, you can do something. Bring your child to a dentist Centennial, CO residents love for her empathetic way of treating children. None other than Dr. Kathleen Young has that sort of reputation.

Here are the signs Dr. Young recommends you look out for that could mean your child needs a dental crown:

  1. Decay In A Baby Tooth

Baby teeth are softer and more delicate than adult teeth. The nerve chambers are large and sensitive. It’s often a risky job to place large fillings in baby teeth. A crown is usually the more secure and comfortable option.

  1. Fracture

If a lot of tooth structure is missing, it will need to be protected with a crown so that it doesn’t have to be pulled.

  1. Sensitivity

Tooth decay doesn’t always hurt. Once it starts to hurt, however, that could indicate the cavity is getting closer to the tooth’s nerve chamber. After a pulpotomy, a crown is always needed.


What Kind Of Crown?

If a baby tooth needs a crown, the material of choice is usually stainless steel because:

  • It’s inexpensive yet durable
  • It provides full coverage and protection for the tooth
  • It’s not likely to make the tooth sensitive

However, for front teeth, there may be more aesthetic options to choose from!

Dental Crowns For Kids In Centennial

If your family is in need of pediatric dentistry, Centennial, CO boasts one of the most compassionate and experienced family dentists you could ever meet.

Dr. Kathleen Young has extensive experience with treating children of all ages. She’s also well-loved by our current patients for her gentle touch and understanding approach.

You’re understandably concerned about who you entrust with the care of your child. After visiting Young Family Cosmetic Dentistry, all your anxiety will disappear.

From sealants to dental crowns, fillings to fluoride, we offer it all right here. Contact our team today to schedule your child’s dental crown consultation with Dr. Young.

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