Teeth Whitening: What are my options?

What are my options for teeth whitening?

Are you embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth because they are discolored or stained? There is no reason for you to suffer with the embarrassment of yellow teeth, because teeth whitening treatments can be used to help you restore your smile.

Why should you whiten your teeth?

Teeth WhiteningThere are many things that can discolor your teeth, and it is a common problem to experience tooth discoloration as you age. Common causes of tooth discoloration include smoking, certain types of foods, and coffee.

If you find yourself hiding your smile or covering your teeth with your lips when you talk, then you need to consider teeth whitening to improve your confidence.

At-home teeth whitening treatments

Many people want to save money, so they try at-home teeth whitening products at first. These options include whitening rinses, toothpaste, gel strips, whitening trays and more. The drawback to store-bought kits is that they aren’t fitted to the shape and size of your teeth. Additionally, some people end up with irritated gums or two-toned teeth if they don’t use the kits correctly.

With at home whitening kits, usually you need to use the treatment consistently in order to achieve the brighter shades that you desire. So, it takes more time and dedication to get it done.

In-office teeth whitening treatments

If you are looking for fast, safe teeth whitening, then you need to talk with a cosmetic dentist. There are multiple advantages to choosing an office treatment instead of an at-home whitening kit. For example, an in-office whitening treatment reduces the likelihood that you will have post-treatment sensitivity.

One of the main reasons people visit a cosmetic dentist in Centennial, CO for in-office teeth whitening is because they want fast results. The appointment can be done within about 60 to 90 minutes, and you will instantly have brighter teeth.

Here at Young Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer Sapphire in-office teeth whitening. This modern technology uses Plasma Arc Light (PAC) that allows your teeth to be whitened without sensitivity. This technology is so powerful that it can whiten your teeth as much as 7 – 12 shades, helping you to achieve the smile that you desire.

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