Types of Dentures

Dr. Kathleen Young at Young Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is dedicated to keeping your smile strong — sometimes, this means replacing lost teeth with a denture. There are several different kinds of dentures available to suit your diverse needs.

What is a Denture Like?

Today’s dentures are commonly made from a high-quality acrylic resin. This makes them light, comfortable, and easy to adjust to your mouth. Today’s dentures will feel familiar enough for you to enjoy smiling with confidence.

Did you know that no two dentures are exactly alike?

Your denture is custom designed to suit your smile, alone. The color and shape of the teeth on the denture and even the color of the gums can all be tailored to match your natural appearance. You don’t have to forgo aesthetics to enjoy the help of a denture!

Conventional Full Dentures

Full dentures are ideal if all of your original teeth are missing. These dentures require a series of appointments, however, immediate full dentures may be best suited for you in this case, as these are placed as soon as the last teeth are removed.

Partial Dentures

Are you only missing one or two teeth?

A partial denture is like a removable bridge. It’s more of a frame that supports just a few false teeth in the empty spaces, yet snaps in around your healthy teeth. You can take the partial in and out yourself for easy cleaning.

Restore Your Bite with Dentures in Centennial, CO

Need a denture?

The team at Young Family and Cosmetic Dentistry will help you discover the restorative solution that’s right for you. Dr. Young will walk you through the process and explain all of your options fully. Schedule your smile evaluation today!

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