When Your Child Has A Dental Emergency

When Your Child Has A Dental EmergencyWhether you’re a first time parent or have 4 older kids, when your baby injures herself and bleeds, your heart stops for a second.

Your plans for the day come to a screeching halt when you hear your child’s panicky, “I’m in pain” wail.

You find her with a busted lip and blood pooling around her gums and teeth.

Mouth Injuries Bleed A Lot!

Don’t panic. Mouth injuries bleed profusely and tend to look worse than they are. You can stop the blood with a washcloth and a piece of ice (or a frozen teething ring from the back of your freezer!). As you both calm down, you’ll think about calling the pediatrician to check her. They will tell you to go to the local children’s hospital if you think she needs stitches, and they can’t do anything for her mouth. You don’t think the injury needs stitches, and you don’t relish the thought of a day spent in the ER, but what about her teeth?

Pediatric Dentist in Centennial Colorado!

Early dental injuries can damage the primary and permanent teeth. If the ER is overkill, why not call your family or pediatric dentist instead? At Young Family and Cosmetic Dentists, our family dentist will take care of your little one in a gentle way so the dental trauma doesn’t turn into dentist trauma.

To make the visit easier, let your child know what to expect:

  • She’ll get to sit in the dentist chair just like a big girl. If she is still pretty little and nervous of the dentist office, she can sit in your lap in the seat.
  • The assistant or hygienist will take a picture taken of her teeth. This lets us check to see any damaged teeth and roots.
  • The Dentist will examine your child’s lips, tongue, teeth, and gums- wherever she was injured. If the cut is deep enough, we may need to apply stitches, but mouth wounds typically heal quickly even without them.

When you or your child has a dental emergency, whether a knocked out tooth, or a laceration to the mouth, call Young Family and Cosmetic Dentists. We will work you in for an emergency visit as soon as possible!

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