Why Adults Should Consider Getting Sealants

Dental sealants are one of those procedures that, like fluoride treatments, are usually encouraged for kids by their family or pediatric dentist in Centennial, CO.

How do sealants work?

Picture thin, resin fillings painted onto the tops of molars. However, these aren’t actual restorations because they aren’t replacing any lost tooth structure. You could look at them as mini preventative fillings that go on a tooth before a cavity can even get started. There’s no numbing or drilling involved!

Sealants close off deep grooves on chewing surfaces so that bacteria, food, and acid can’t get stuck in there. A toothbrush can’t access the bottom of those valleys to clean them out. A sealant gives a tooth a more uniform surface that toothbrush bristles can easily reach.

They’re one of the most valuable preventive services that family and pediatric dentists in Centennial have to offer your family.

Why They’re Popular for Kids

If you’re going to seal off a tooth from decay, what better time to do it than when it’s freshly grown in? Sealing teeth soon after they erupt gives them a head start on avoiding cavities.

Too Late For Adults?

It’s absolutely never too late for adults to get sealants! If you’ve never had a cavity, sealants are the perfect way for our dentist in Centennial to keep your smile decay-free.

There is no age limit to this preventative dental treatment. All you have to make sure of is that your tooth is cavity-free before sealing it. Dr. Young will confirm this with special exams and x-rays.

Getting sealants is the same process for adults as it is for kids. Your new sealants probably won’t last forever. They’ll need to be replaced, but however long they do last, they’ll buy you several years of cavity protection.

Danville Preventative Dentistry

Make a healthier smile one of your New Year’s resolutions. Along with better brushing and more flossing, why not see if you qualify for a dental sealant or two? They only take a few minutes to apply to your tooth! Learn more today by contacting our family dentist in Centennial today to schedule your consultation.

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