Why Do Fillings and Crowns Need to be Replaced With Time?

It would certainly be a dream come true if you could have a tooth repaired and never need to worry about it again.

Unfortunately, dental restorations wear out. Apart from replacing your tooth with an implant, no other type of restoration can permanently repair your smile.


dentist in centennial, CO repairs fractured crownsThe Forces of Wear and Tear

The exposure to pressure and temperature changes over the years can cause a tooth to compress and expand at a rate that differs from filling material. As a result, the tooth can become stressed after holding a filling for many years. Small fractures could appear and allow tooth decay to develop around the filling.

Dental crowns can also cause wear on the opposing teeth. A crown could also fracture after some time if it is old enough and you bite into something hard. Crowns and fillings on front teeth are prone to chipping, especially if you grind or clench your teeth often.


Bacterial Battles

As long as you have some natural tooth structure left, that tooth will always be at risk for decay. Dental restorations provide a tight seal, but still can’t compare to an intact tooth. Of course, great oral hygiene helps, because the small margin between your natural tooth and your filling or crown is prone to harboring cavity-causing bacteria.

A cavity can easily develop at the edge of a restoration and spread long before you are aware of it. It is often difficult to see on an x-ray how far decay has gone under a filling or crown. Replacing these aged restorations will let you catch up with any sneaky cavities that may have gotten in over the years, before your tooth breaks down further.


Esthetic Changes May Merit an Upgrade

Are you among the many folks who feel that metal fillings just don’t look right? Over time, metal fillings have the tendency to discolor a tooth. When you clean up the tooth and replace the filling with a natural-looking white one, no one will ever guess you have a filling there!

Traditional crowns were made with porcelain fused to a metal base. If your gums have receded at all, then the unsightly metal portion of such a crown may be visible when you smile. Why not replace that crown with a new all-white version?


A Cosmetic Dentist in Centennial Who’s On Your Side!

Dr. Kathleen Young of Young Family and Cosmetic Dentistry believes that you play an important part in getting the full benefits of your dental restorations. Also, she is passionate about helping you enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile throughout your life. This means using only the latest dental technology and most conservative techniques to keep your smile as natural as possible.

Call our Centennial, CO dentist office today to find out more about how updating your restorations can revolutionize the future of your dental health.

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